Engine Case Splitter
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Splitting a Lycoming engine case is an easy task if you have the right equipment, but without some simple tooling, it is virtually impossible to do since the case halves are glued together with a sealant. 

Making the tooling simply requires 24 nuts, 8 bolts, 4 pieces of angle iron, some scrap wood, a welder and about an hour of your time.   

Buy the appropriate nuts sized to go on the cylinder base case studs from the hardware store.  Weld the nuts to the head of the bolts as shown.  It might be necessary to run a die down the threads to extend them if you can not find full thread bolts.  The nut-studs you create will allow you to push on the case “though” bolts. 

Next take cut 4 pieces of heavy angle iron such as 2”x2”x 3/16” steel 13” long.  Heavy is the key as it will easily bend if it is too thin (ask me how I know)

For my 0320 narrow deck case, I used 1/2” x 20 nuts, 1/2x2” x 20 long full thread bolts.  The angle iron was drilled with two 5/8” holes 7 1/8” apart, 7/8” from the end.   Drilling the holes slightly oversized holes allows for easier installation on the studs. I don't remember why I made them so long, but the 7/8" distance from the end was to clear the protrusions in the case.  Adjust the length as necessary for you engine case. 

You are done! 

Using  the Lycoming manual as a reference, put nuts on the though case through bolts (for thread protection), thread the nut-studs on to the appropriate fixed cylinder case bolts, place your 2x4 scrap wood on top of the protection nuts then finally the angle iron on top of the 2x4’s with tightening nuts.  When you tighten the angle iron nuts, it will pull on the cylinder studs, push on the case through bolts thus splitting the case. 

BE SURE you place the puller on the correct studs.  The case should easily split.  It you are torquing down on the bolts and the case is not opening, you have a problem.  Either you are on the wrong studs, or there are bolts (such as below the crank or in the accessory gear area which have not been removed).   DON'T FORCE IT!

Since I already overhauled my engine I don't have any pictures of the splitter in use. If you wish to borrow the splitter please let me know and we can make arrangements to get it to you.

Matt Bunch Lexington, KY   Jan2010- current