Cessna Type Exhaust Reinforcement
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This modification to the exhaust flange is a significant improvement to the strength of the flange of the exhaust pipe. 

Before modifying my pipes, I usually had a cracks about every 4-500 hrs.   Eventually, I even purchased a dye-penetrate test kit to check them at each annual.  While at my flying club I noticed our new Cessna had recently had the flanges strengthen to prevent the same exhaust problem I was having, cracking of the flange welds.  WooHoo, I now had an approved  method of permanently fixing my pipes.

I have installed the reinforcement on my pipes and I have had no more cracks in the flange area after 1700+ hrs of use.  It really works!   Simply put, it takes a piece of scrap exhaust tubing and welds to the flange and the exhaust tube to adds additional strength to the tube.  Unlike the Cessna system, I had to weld the triangular pieces of tubing between the nut areas as there is not enough clearances to do otherwise.

The mod to the EZ pipe  A triangular piece of stainless steel exhaust pipe is cut and welded to the flange and the pipe.  Make the length as long as possible before your pipe turns.

The Cessna Mod on a set of Cessna pipes.  I took some pictures of the pipes at the club.  I used this concept on my EZ