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Fuel System
        Canard Fuel Probe background

        Fuel Probe Installation Instruction rev 5    (a .pdf file)

        Electric trim Controller Circuit diagram (.pdf)
        Cupless Headset

        Making your own joystick
        GU Canard Offset Torque Tube Construction

Dedicated Cooler Duct System
     Carbon Engine Baffles
        Making your own engine case splitter
        Replacing the crank seal and making a crank seal replacement tool
        Strengthening the exhaust pipes to eliminate cracking at the attachment flange

        P-Mag Installation and thoughts

Oil Heat
      Oil heat system
         Other heater links
         An article I wrote for CSA about oil heat (pdf file)

Fuselage Modifications 
        Oil Drop test to view air separation on cowl

Other Good Stuff
        NACA Studies I found interesting for cooling and drag reduction