Aug 18 2009

Heat both Plane and CPU

Yesterday was spent mainly working on the fuel system (it is done!), and reworking the foam for the canopy door removal.  I put a chase in it for wiring, but the micro got into the opening and froze wires.  Today, I had to dig out some foam to fix the issue….  

I unpacked the new O2 bottle.  It is amazingly light.  It has twice the amount of O2 in it than my bottle and weights 1/2 lbs less.  Amazing…  3.2 lbs weight filled.

I also worked on the heat ducting to direct hot air from the heater to the back seat area for the GIB.  The pilot will able to adjust the amount of heat with a damper.  The foam cores will be glassed tomorrow.

On a slightly different note, Miss Windows, has not been happy lately.   Seven is getting much more hot and bothered late, (only with me, thank you).   She always seems to get hot when she’s working hard, and cant seem to cool off.   Then she starts to scream at me, shrill land loud and wont SHUT UP.  She stays all spun up raising hell till I shut her down…

Finally, I had enough.  I have tried cleaning, replacing fans, different coolers (but nothing seems to fit a Dell 4700).   The noise problem with Dell 4700’s is well know and documented.   Basically it is a bad mother board design and cleaning is not an issue. When the CPU gets hot the fan speed goes to max, and it will never slow back down. The fan air tunnel amplifies the sound to the level of either that of a space shuttle taking off, or a F-18 taking off with afterburners. I tried purchasing new coolers, but none would fit the Dell MB.  I ended up purchasing a Thermaltake Spin Q cooler pn: CL-P0466 by chance.


  1. I removed the cooler from CPU.
  2. I hand sanded the CPU with 1200 grit on a glass plate.  Found the cooler not to be flat. It was bowed up around the edges so the center was not making contact.
  3. The plastic tray which holds the old cooler down had two tangs? on the inside part which I cut and filed so the new coolers arm slots would fit into them.
  4. There was too much clearance (CPU not tight against the cooler), so I cut little strips of Aluminum to put on top of the cooler to allow the hold down arm to push the stuff together.      
  5. Put the paste on cpu, assembled the parts and WooHoo there is enough clearance in the case for everything.

I did all this and THAT’S when I found out there was no MB connection for the power to the fan…..  In desperation  I took a chance and found a small pwr supply connector (red, black, white), took 3 pieces of safety wire stuck in the connector and hooked them up to the fan connector, (red, black, yellow). IT WORKED and didn’t fry the system.

Now Seven is a whole new gal… Quite, fast and sleek again!  No more getting hot and getting hot and bothered anymore.  The noise is gone but the passion for her is still there.