Oct 14 2013

LR Wall, day 40…. Done

The wall is finally done! I really like the simplicity of the look. It has turned out MUCH different than how I originally envisioned it.

Almost all the support electronics has been moved to the closet. Only the amp and DVD player are needed, and they are supported on a custom wall bracket which extends from the wall with no visible supports.


The final product. Very relaxing and pleasant.


I love the clean and simple look.

Oct 13 2013

LR wall day 39

After a wonderful trip to see Mom at the end of Sept, I am back at work on the wall.

It has now been patched and primed and I finally know where the end product will be.


On of my issues was trying to match the original blue color and faux painting I did on the lower part of the wall. After getting some custom colors mixed at HomeDepot, I think it cam out very nicely


A nice deep blue color bringing the chair rail accent to the back wall and I am finally ready for the lighting trim and furniture.


Oct 11 2013

LR wall day 37

All the wall patching has been done and the supports for the shelf has been fabricated and installed. Now it is time for painting which is a problem, as my original cans of paint have dried out. I hope I can get a good color match at H.D.


I also decided to paint the white wall speakers black. They just stand out too much in a blue wall.