Dec 14 2012

Engine Done!

The engine is now fully assembled.


It really looks great now! Much better than before. I left off the exhaust and intake systems as this work will need to be done on the plane.


Read for the engine mount!


Dec 13 2012

Engine reassembly

Today starts the big day! Engine reassembly. The only issue which was found with the engine was the crank journal and rod bearing were ground down a few thousands of an inch. The engine had 770 hrs on it since the last time I overhauled it, so a little work was to be expected.

The crank was put on the stand for assembly.


By the end of the day, most of the hard work had been done. I am working slow and easy trying to pay attention to everything I should be doing and not rushing the experience.


Dec 12 2012

Engine Parts

Santa has arrived! The engine parts have finally arrived back from Aircraft Services.


I just had to make up a Christmas scene to enjoy my parts at home for a few days. It will be good to get back to the hangar and get the bird back together again!

Dec 11 2012

Pool Modifications

While waiting for the plane parts to return, I had a chance to start working on the house again


After the sides were removed, the pool side rail were removed and the wood replaced.


Moving right along. Looking forward to getting back to my swimminging exercises.


Dec 08 2012

Valve covers

Today I received the valve covers from the power coater. I had them coated with crackle red.


Using a gold marker paint pen really sets off the lettering on the covers. Nice!


Dec 01 2012

Sherman has been sold

I have been wanting to get rid of my 1981 veggie powered car for some time. I have found i really like driving my ’99 diesel much more than the old blue car. I am tired of dealing with the time and effort of collecting cooking oil. I just don’t drive that much any more since I have retired.

While visiting Gerhard today, he asked me if I still wanted to sell the car I said yes and a deal was quickly put together before I even had a chance to think about it.

Saying good bye to a really interesting project car.


The proud new owner.