Sep 19 2013

LR wall day 15

The wall is now sheet rocked, but I don’t like al the outlet boxed and the separate support for the TV. I also decided not to use curtains so I am going to change the design element too.


I decided to cover over all the boxes and and move the TV to the back wall. Sure wish I knew from the beginning where this project was going. I would have saved myself a bunch of time.

Sep 16 2013

Sheet Rock day 12

The walls are up and some of the wiring is now done. I decided that the living room mess is driving me crazy. So I plan to finish the LR side first then transition into the closet.

This is the stud wall up.


With 2 sheet of wall board. I will have the rest of the board up tomorrow, and taped and mudded. I’ll also finish up the last of the wiring. Then I’ll really be able to straighten up the LR and get back to a semblance of normality…


What a mess of wiring!


My first iteration of the wall. I don’t think I really like the look of the TV on it’s own support…

Sep 15 2013

Pictures of Charleston

Today I mostly spent time with my camera taking pictures of Charleston. I wanted to try out a few different camera lenses and playing.

This is an enormous Citadel class ring at the campus of the Citadel. It is the neighborhood of 5 feet tall.


They must have the boys out there every day shining this puppy.


Established in 1680, St. Philip’s Church, the mother church of Anglicanism in the Carolinas, is the oldest Anglican congregation south of Virginia


The market street area a great place for horse tours.


Circular Congregational Church of Charleston, SC was founded in 1681 and is one of the oldest continuously worshipping congregations in the South.


Washington Square, located at the corner of Broad and Meeting streets, is one of the city’s premiere parks. This historic location is home to Charleston City Hall, renovated within the last few years.



Sep 05 2013

LR Renovation 2

Today started with taking my Mercedes into the shop to have a problem fixed…. Then it was off to the airport to vist Bob and talk some with him. He is building (playing actually) an SQ2000 canard with a full retract system on it. He doesn’t make it often to CHS so it was good to catch up for a few hours.


Next it was home to start on the wall again. I was able to get all the studs up and tomorrow, the wiring will be started for speakers and electrical. Once done, the wall can be sheet rocked.


Sep 04 2013

Living Room Renovation 1

Today I started my living room renovation.

When I moved up from a low resolution 52” standard definition TV to a HDTV the Home Theater websites I consulted recommended a distance of 8.5-11 ft away from HDTV. I then came up with the idea of shortening the LR to move the TV closer to the viewer.

So I temporarily shortened the living room to see how I would like it. Then I put up a bunch of sheets from Walmart to make a curtain and located all the equipment is behind the sheets and found I REALLY liked the viewing distance and didn’t miss the size of the room at all.

With a lot of extra space behind the curtain, I made the decision to enlarge my bedroom close. Seemed like a no brainer.

My GOAL with this project is to have a built in entertainment center, and a MASSIVE closet I could just about live in. I’ll never come out of the closet and announce my….. completion.

It will be 7 x 32 feet with lots of built in drawers, cubby holes, make-up disk for a woman, and a dressing area. When I sell the house it will make a huge impact on the wives who looks at it.

A lot of work, but I am tired of my cramped closet.


This is the other side of the wall.


The LR before the start of the work. One of my favorite rooms. Clean and not busy.

After the wall removal, this is how much more space I have to work with.l.


Curtain is down, Framing of the new wall is started. Finally, I am on my way.