Feb 25 2015

Pool Heater Replacement

Today I installed the pool heater I purchased from Amazon. The original heater only lasted 12 years (WTF??). Actually, I was quite pleased to keep it alive for so long but it has been giving me problems for the last few years.

Time for an upgrade!!


My biggest concern was getting it out from under the deck. I thought I would have to removed the concrete base it was sitting on to get it out. I guess that is part of the reason I havent replaced it sooner.


Actually I was luck and it came out easily (after cutting all the tubing).


After installing quick disconnects on all the lines for easy future servicing, the new heater was installed in about 3 hours. The old heater is going into storage for spare parts if needed.

After firing up the heater my pool temperature increased at a steady 4 deg per hour from 64f to 90f.

I love being up to my neck in hot water…

Feb 19 2015

Ice Art

We had a very cold night last night and apparently my neighbor had run his sprinkler in his garden for some perfectly logical but mystifying reason. It made for some interesting ice pictures.



I even had one hanging off my deck. So Cool!!