Oct 15 2011

Day 16… Back in the air

I returned to Chino at 8 am to start work on the plane.  It turned out to be an easy swap out as the rims were not damage and I had all the necessary tools on hand.

After about an hour the new tires were installed, I found the breaks need to be replaced (no big deal)

and Pat and I jumped into the plane for a quick flight around the pattern to check everything out.

After returning back to Fullerton, we went to a very lovely street where apparently a number of films had been made,

Pat’s hangar mates were fascinated by the exhaust educators.  I told Torg that the educators seemed to really work.  I had not used in in Colorado Springs (leaving Burrall’s place) and the cylinders temps went up to over 450 f in just the time it took to taxi from his hangar to the runway (about 10 minutes).  As soon as I took off, I needed to quickly cool down the engine.

He also liked the wing blends.  I feel they do reduce drag, but am not as sure about the upper part of the winglet.  Hey they do look cool though.

Pat and I decided not to fly together today.  He was really tired, and so was I.    Tomorrow he will attempt to solo.