Nov 04 2011

Trip to PA

I left Charleston as planned for the flight to PA. What a nice trip.

After the piston upgrade, the plane was flown 3 times for successively longer periods to make sure I had no oil leaks or issues.

I also balanced the engine with the new ACES dynamic balance I purchased at OSH this year. What a nice unit. It only took me one run to get the engine from 1.7 ips to .06 ips. It computes the angle and how much weight to put on the engine unlike the Dynavibe system which requires multiple runs and you must figure out how much weight to add. The cost is about the same for both units!

The trees are starting to turn up here.


Of coarse I was a bit nervous at the beginning of the flight with every engine hiccup (there were a few of them) but it might have just been my hyper sensitivity to the new installation. Tweedy ran smooth as can be (thanks ACES) and climb out is fantastic with the added HP. The old prop still gives me the same speed, but that will change when I replace it with the new Hertzler.

The new Bose A20 headsets are fantastic! I have flown with the Bose series 1, 2 and the 10 and the A20 gives a noticeable improvement in the noise reduction over the series 10. The sound quality is very good too, and the music sounds as good as the series 2 (my favorite for music) with nice deep bass and clear highs. It has blue tooth which makes calling ATC on the ground very convenient. Overall, you cant go wrong with the A20. Klaus suggested them to me (he wanted me to buy his old series 10) and he said that they allowed him to comfortably fly his extremely loud and outrageously fast 240 hp, 900 lb LongEZ he is now flying.

The trip to mom’s was fast and very pleasant with a nice tail wind. She was blown away when I showed up as it was a complete surprise to her. Everyone knew I was flying up except her… what fun.


Mom wanted to go to a all you could eat buffet in Lancaster. After an hour drive we arrived at the biggest buffet I have ever seen. It was like eating in a super walmart! It must have sat 1000 people. Nice idea, but the food was ….ok….


Mom and my sister Paulette enjoying a nice afternoon after desert.