Jul 11 2010

Interior painting is done

Today the interior painting was completed.    The interior Zolatone color is Lilith Charcoal.  I was very apprehensive about this color, but I saw it on David Orr’s Berkut and thought it looked great.   The first step is painting on the base coat which was flat black.  The dark color had me even more worried!

 Next was spraying all the parts with the splatter coat.  You MUST use a pressure port to force the thick zolatone into the spray gun.  I used a 2.3 mm tip (very big) with about 10 psi at the pot.  The pressure pot came from Harbor Freight and only cost $39.  I already had the gun and with a few fitting from the hardware store I modified it to accept the pressure pot.  Trust me, you have to have one to shoot the thick stuff.

Here is a close up of the interior.  When finished I was VERY pleased with the result it does look wonderful.  The nice thing is, any color interior trim will good great against this neutral  dark color.

I also made a trim spring for the canard.  Here is the simple jig I made to lay up the fiberglass.

You can see how the torque tube is split such that when layed up the spring is perpendicular to the center line of the torque tube.

The wood was waxed for the layups.

I would recommend enough layups such that at the torque tube you should have a thickness of about 0.110″ and at the tube end it should taper down to about 0.080″ and the narrow end.   Be sure to use mostly UNI but include 2 layers of BID.  This will help prevent splitting of the spring (been there).  I also added a little flox where the glass first starts wrapping around the tube to ensure there was a nice crisp edge (you can see a little white in the next picture at the base of the spring.

What I really like about this sort of electric trim system is it is very easy to adjust the spring tension by just adding a little more glass or triming the edges of the spring to make it less wide.  This way you and easily adjust the trim to your personal preferences.

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