Sep 18 2010

Servos installed

I have been working on my plane for the last few days….  I spent a whole day relocating the stormscope antenna (to reduce drag).  Found out it wouldn’t work properly, so I spent another day relocating it back to the original spot.  I guess this is why they call it experimental aviation.  The crazy thing is I went flying today with it back in the “old spot” and it doesnt work as well as it did before.  That thing drive me nuts!

I started back on my project plane.   My immediate objective was to relocate the servos becuase of the depth of the instrument panel radio cans. 

New control arms were manufactured and installed on the elevator torque tube.

This is the final installation.  The elevator autopilot servo on the left and the trim servo in the center.

The control arm for the servo clears the radio can by 1/2″ . 

With the panel installed.  It looks good for the next step, install EVERYTHING to see if there are any more problems.  If not the panel is off to the fabricators for lettering. 

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