Sep 20 2010

Panel ready for lettering

The panel had the last fitting today.  Found some issues I still needed to correct but I think it is just about done!  Yeah!  Although the panel easily is removed from the plane with the radio cans in place with no wires, I’ll need to write a procedure up on exactly how to remove all the interferences prior to actually taking it out.  There sure would be a number of steps….

It is quite impressive with everything in place.   The Trio Autopilot head was sent back to Trio because the display was not working.  I also wanted to get it upgraded to the latest firmware (which includes support for Grand Rapids GPSS and GPSV.

Also completed to day was the baffling mods for the engine.  As soon as the instument panel is set off for lettering, I’ll be able to complete the engine work.

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