Sep 16 2009

New oil sump has arrived

The heat duct system is now complete.  It is very cool how the distibution tube snakes around in order to accomplish its’ job.  Total weight (fan, heater core, ducts) is 5.5 lbs.  I’ll have to add in the weight of the hoses later.


The new oil pan protype has arrived from Calif.  The vender did a VERY nice job with the abrasive cutter of the plates.  All holes match perfectly. 


Tomorrow the real fun begins.  I have remount everything on to this pan that was already fitted to the first pan.  Overall, since I have more flexibility on placement of components, this pan should turn out to be much nicer, cleaner installation than the first one I did (although it wont look as cool).


4.7 hrs worked.

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