Jan 17 2011

All Electronic Modules are installed!

I have decided the hardest part of wiring is not hooking up wire but finding a home for all the components needed to operate the plane.   All the receivers, antennas, control modules, switches, grounds, etc.   This issue is even more difficult to do in a highly complex and space limited plane like a Longez.

I must have installed and removed the front panel 30 times already.  I wanted to make sure all electronics were easy to get to, removable with minimal hassle with the caveat that the final product should not look busy or complex.  This is not trivial.  I hate having to take a bunch of stuff out of my plane to get to a component to work on.

Also, I did not want to see a complex of wire everywhere.  Basically when I get done, there will be very little wire visible.  The worse you’d have to do is remove the canard (about 10 min) to get to anything in the plane.

I have installed cannon plugs on the dash to make it removable.  It wont be easy and very rare operation, but it is a requirement of mine.

The mount area of the EFIS GPS receiver.

Mount area for the heat sink of the diode isolators.

Mount are of the ADS-B receiver,  ADS-B GPS antenna and Garmin GPS Antenna.

Orginally, the plane had two batteries in the front.  I moved one of them to the back seat area which gave me a little free space (where the battery used to be) to work with.  I decided to use it for the electric trim controller, emergency extension battery and emergency gear down module.    By stacking them they are about the same size as the former battery.  I could have used a bunch of foam in the area to hold them in place but decided to use alum separators to stack the components and to keep the battery from moving.


Finally, all the modules are mounted.

 The last part of the puzzle to mount is the joy stick.  There is a LOT of wiring in the joy stick to work with.  After it is wired and mounted, I’ll really be able to start to wire point to point and hook everything up.   It wont take too long at that point until I can start powering systems up.

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