Jan 20 2011

Passenger Panel done

Today was a somewhat short but productive for me.  I just had constant interruptions in the morning and didnt even get to work until 12:45. 

I finished of the Pilot entertainment system input.  I wanted to add a input jack to the port side ball mount to add a second stereo input for the pilot.  This will allow the pilot to mainly use the stbd side input for the Garmin hand held GPS or by plugging into the port side jack switch the entertainment system input to the other side of the plane for such things as watching a move, or listening to an ipod.

In order to keep it clean, I had to mill out the back side of the ball mount for the stereo input jack.

Here is the recess for the input jack.

The jack is now sitting into the little pocket.

Finally, installed in the plane with all the wires hidden in the foam.   Before painting the plane, I had installed a ring of aluminum with nutplates for the screws and covered everything with 3 layers of glass.  The ball mount will be able to support anything you put on it (iPad, iTouch, GPS, 19″ tv, you name it).  

You can also see the LED map light (it has both red and white lights in it)

The map light is controlled from a small panel on the stbd side.   I chose to have the light on the left (you usually have your maps and knee board on your left leg),  but positioned the control on the right side since you are flying with your right hand.    This way you can use the left hand to control the brightness.  When designing the plane, I wanted all controls to be manipulated by the left hand since you dont want to move your hand off the the joy stick.

The passenger entertainment system panel is done.  It is actually a fairly complex panel to wire.   It is removable with one plug in case you need to do maintenance in this area..

As will be installed in the plane.  It looks great!

The wiring is starting to come together as more and more wires are installed.  It’s fun and frustrating at the same time.   Cant wait until tomorrow to get back to it.

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