Apr 06 2011

EFIS panels are alive!

While checking out the individual power circuits, I found a MAJOR mess up.  When I originally designed the oil pan I had the fuel servo hanging up side down.  Later I flipped it right side up due to space considerations.  I didnt take into account the push-pull movement and I found out my throttle cable now moves in the wrong direction.   Shit….  

After thinking about it for a while I came out with a fix which works very well.  I installed a SS shaft with a support bearing for the cable to attach to.  This effectively reverses the movement of the throttle cable and now everything work correctly. 

Today was also noteable as I finally powered up the EFIS panels.


It has been quite a chore in checking out the wiring and powering everything up.   Just about every circuit has had some issue from missing grounds to connector broken wires issues which needed correction.  Slowly everything is being checked out and put in service.  Tomorrow it will be correcting an minor issue with the EFIS panels and starting on the radios which are the last to do.  I want to have all systems up and operational by Friday or Saturday!

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