Jun 16 2000

Not Easily Amazed

This was written to a wonderful woman I met at an airport.  The words speak for themselves.

Not Easily Amazed

My life has been full of wonder and experiences.  I have seen incredible sights and been everywhere I wanted to go.  From the far east to central Asia, sailed the Bahamas, skied the Alps, traveled to the depths of the Grand Canyon.   Done everything you could imagine and then some.  Found unimaginable love only to lose it, growing from the pain.  Life’s experiences can be a demanding teacher.  I have learned well.

I am not easily amazed.

People don’t impress me.  Closed minded, no drive for the satisfaction of accomplishment, no interest in self development or expanding their experiences.   Control, personal safety, no risk, no excitement.  Standing in a crowd, they fade away part of the masses that come and go and leave nothing behind.

I am not easily amazed.

Then I met a pilot.  Intelligent, humorous, articulate, attractive, exciting.  Ideas, thoughts, drive, a curiosity few share. Theater, art, blue men flying in dark clouds to the beat of a drum.  Oshkosh, tri-motors, roasted corn, sushi.  Strange planes few have ever heard of. The thrill of IFR where only self confidence stands between you and the end.  A risk taker, living life to the fullest. One in a thousand, one in a million, one of a kind.

So many of my interests I see reflected in her.  When I thought life had no more delights to unfold, I am impressed.

This woman truly amazes me……

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