Sep 28 2009

Prototype Oil sump….done

The sump is done!  At least the prototype is.  It has been sent off to Calif to the fabricator.  I cant wait to see the production model! 

This weekend was a little of a setback.  When started putting the parts in Acad and modeling the sump for the fabricator, I found out it would have been very hard to build.  Oops!  Back to tweeking the angles, distances, positions until I had a fuller understanding of what was need modeled.  After remodeling it again in Acad and all was good. 


I tried bending mock up tubing to be sure I COULD bend it and adjust for slight differences in tube lengths which is a problem when you are making very short straight runs.  I now have to send the fuel servo back to Airflow Performace for a second time to have them reposition the fuel outlet and reverse the mixture valve all of which was done for for  first prototype.


When you look at the first sump, this one is certainly much simpler, easier to build and yes,  ..elegant… but lacks the coolness factor of the first one.


7.3 hrs worked

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