Jun 04 2011

Replacing the inlets part 1

I went flying yesterday and while the cylinder temperatures did come down about 15-20f I am still not able to achieve full power.  The decision was made to cut the inlets off and install a set of inlets I had made about a year ago but never installed. This is the original opening size.  I had removed the shoulder from the cowl and fashioned it into an inlet duct of approximately 7.5 sq inches.

Stbd side.

Tony is holding the new duct into postion after removing the old inlet system.

The shape of the new duct is rectangular in opening and MUCH straighter into to the plenum box.  the inlet was fashioned using hot wire cut wing foam. The inlet area of these new ducts is slightly bigger than my plane at about 11.5-12 in sq.

Working the port side was a bit more difficult  as I needed to save part of the duct which


the new nose has been fitted to the duct.

The cowl is cutaway and fitted for the new nose.

the nose section was dam-ed and pour foam was used to fix it in place.

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