Sep 30 2009

Dash Gone!

Today was a busy day.  After bonding in the NACA duct, I sent off the ADS-B reciever to NAV Worx for a software upgrade and the addition of a ARINC-429 module.  It will all the plane to get traffic information (TCAS) like the Zaon XRS receiver.  Cool

Bonding in the NACA

Bonding in the NACA

 The was also a momentous day.  The instrument panel is GONE.  Looks kind of weird without it in place.  Tomorrow I will strengthen the flange to mount nut plates.  I will remove the 25 lb foam from from the old panel and put 6 layers of glass on the back side so there will be good clamping force where it is most critical. 










I wanted to show you a useful tool you might not know about.  I needed to make 24 nut plates for the panel.  This tool is a drill template for the rivet nut.  You first drill a hole in the aluminum.  Position the too and drill the rivet hole in the guide, flip the tool over  (there is a pin on the other side) then drill the second hole.  The guides ensure the rivet holes are properly spaced for the rivet nut. 















This is a micro adjustable countersink.  It is a great tool to use for countersinking the holes for flush rivets.  Highly recommended.









7.6 hrs worked.

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