Oct 17 2011

Day 18… Teardown!

Today , Pat and I are  planning to disassemble the plane, move it to two shops.  I also needed to fit in dental visits, and move to  my new hotel closer to LAX.

8:15 Left hotel

9 AM    Arrive Dentist….  14 miles

10:30  Left Dentist to Fullerton airport… 9 miles

Pat and I met up at Fullerton, we made some ramps for the plane and the wings, canard, cowls were taken off.

and the Pat helped me load the bird was loaded on to the trailer and off we went.

12:30 Left Fullerton to  Chino.. about 30 miles

We took the bird to Pat friend , Aaron who will be doing some engine work.   Aaron will build a new exhaust system to better fit the cowl and a new intake system to allow installation of a B&C starter.   The old starter was a car type conversion which really didn’t have the right stuff to quickly spin the engine.

Aaron runs a neat and tidy show for metal work (like what you would see on a TV show) does great metal work restoring vintage cars.  The sump welding was done by Arron and I would consider the work outstanding.


I needed to take off the oil pan so Arron can make  the mods to the intake system.  In about an about 1 hour it was free it is time to go.

4 PM  Leave Chino for Fullerton … about 30 miles

After leaving Chino, it was a quick dash to the airport to load the wings.  Pat drove them down to his work shop I headed to the dentist.

5:30  Leave Fullerton to Dentist… 9 miles

6:30 Left Dentist to Huntington Beach… about 25 miles

The wings were moved into Pat’s shop, I took all the control surfaces off, to help prep the wings for painting.  Packed up my tools and clothing to ship FEDEX to the house.

Left Huntington Beach

10:30  Arrive LAX  hotel… 25 miles

Finally cheeked in.  I am totally exhausted from the day and not eating much.  Bed time as I have a 3:15 am appt.

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