Apr 10 2012

First day of Pool Remodel

What a difference a day makes…. Cant believe boxing in the soffits was so easy and quick….should have done it a long time ago.

I didn’t even put in many hours (about 6) as my buddy Bob stopped by for lunch and a look at what I have been up to. Bob is working on an SQ-2000 (Speed Queen). A very cool looking canard. I am going to fly over to see his project in a few days


This is what the back of the house looked like this morning,


The gutter was removed (I’ll recycle it)

This is by COB.


One day while working at the computer 6 months ago, I kept hearing strange noises from my ceiling. I had seen a squirrel climbing around my screen and window (peaking in at me) and thought how cute. Later I found out the noises came from that squirrel climbing into my soffit. He was REALLY persistent and had to be chased out 4 or 5 times before a temporary closure was made to keep that pesky critter out … Tree Rats thats all they are in my book.

Now the soffit have been closed off and they look really good.

Tomorrow it is time to finish off the siding trim, and install the lighting system….. can’t wait!

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