Apr 11 2012

Wiring day

Today was mostly spent on wiring.

I finished installing the lights for the pool area and replaced all the 8 bulbs with florescent ones (9 watts) which had the equivalent output to my 60 watt incandescent bulbs. I now am using 72 watts instead of 240 watts. That is a nice savings!


I also installed a timer for the whole house fan. If you have never heard of one they are fantastic!! This fan draws 3200 cubic feet of air a minute and can cause a significant draft in the house sucking out the hot air and replacing it with cool outside air. It reduces the electric bill by allowing me to delay using my air conditioning by up to 2 month in the summer. I needed a timer because when I use it at night the house gets too cold. This way it will shut after a few hours instead of running all night.

wpid-CIMG0657-2012-04-11-21-43.jpg wpid-CIMG0649-2012-04-11-21-43.jpg

I also rewired my attic fans which were not working after I re-roofed the house last Dec.


The cover of one of the fans was also damaged last year. It was repaired with with some West epoxy and fiberglass. You can fix just about anything with epoxy!


A very long, but productive day!

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