Apr 12 2012

Front porch lighting wired

Today was spent wiring the “night lights” on the front porch.

Sometime I amaze myself… I was DREADING wiring up the lights because I knew I would have to be crawling though the small spaces and insolation of the attic…make me itch and I have wear a respirator or i’ll cough like crazy.

When I started this morning I found that a year ago, when I wired it I had left enough extra wire on the install to reach a power box in the attic… the wiring was SOoooo easy to do. Wow, it was crazy that I didn’t remember it. I do a lot of strange things like that. I find wiring in places I had totally forgotten about to hook up a light or outlet. Got read to do the job, opened up the siding and found a wire, exactly where it was needed.

Anyway, tonight will see exactly how it came out. Instead of wiring a switch, I wired it directly to the house power system. No shut off….

I thought about installing a light sensor to turn them on/off, but I just wanted a very low…dim light source so I am using LED bulbs which draw 1 watt each (2 watts total). LED lights are rated for up to 100,000 hrs , but lets say these cheap ass Walmart bulbs last 50,000 hrs. That is 5.7 years of lighting. Hell, I might have sold the house by then. So it made no sense to install a switch box, switch, photo sensor, etc. This the easiest and best way in my opinion.

Well, the back deck is stopped… and I am back on the front porch. Crazy eh? The reason is I have Tony’s trailer loaded with bricks and his cement mixer and need to get it back to him I can’t get the panels for the back (12 ft long) until I unload the trailer. There is also 1/4 yd of sand in the back of my truck. After the front bricking is done, then the trailer can be off loaded and be ready to return the scaffolding when I finish the back….

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