Jun 19 2012

Hoods Away

Today was spent mostly helping Gerhart out with his car. I had to haul it with my truck to the shop to be fixed.

While on the way we took the hood and fender from Sherman to the scrap metal yard.

The hood is made of pure Aluminum and a new replacement hood would have been $1800. I loved the hood. It would get dings in it and NEVER rust. Very light weight too. I had to replace mine with a steel hood as the junk yard Al ones are hard to find. Woo hoo…. I got all of $17 for it


I also started building parts for the pool enclosure. I needed to make a 16.5 foot header beam for for the rafters, but also needed it as a work surface to build the roof joists. The easiest way I found of making a PERFECTLY straight beam is to put it on the walk board, put a level string on it, and using wood stir stick, I could then shim it up for a nice straight beam (+/- 1/16”).


Sometimes I think a am a bit too anal (engineering wise).

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