Oct 05 2012

Whats my Name?

Today I was looking up the exact spelling of the word Eunuch and came across the my nick name on a web site which is “Unick”.

When I was in the navy, it is typical for everyone to call each other by their last names, such as Seaman Jones. My buddies started calling me Unick since they couldn’t easily pronounce my last name. My name was shorten to Nick U, then eventually became Unick.

Since then I just love the word Unick which is my way to shorten “unique”. Unick or unique seem to fit me as most everything I do is unique in some way. I think differently than most. An out of the box sort of individual.

I have a saying when someone points out I am really different: “I am a unique Unick, but certainly not eunuch!”

Anyway enough BS. While looking up the spelling of eunuch, I came a cross the Urbane Dictionary in which I found the more accepted usage of the name I love so dearly “UNick” . When I read it I was shocked!!

1. Unick (Americanized version of the word “Eunuch”. )

1. A man with his balls (testes) removed. Often used in royal courts to guard female royalty and concubines.
2. A man who is incapable of reproduction.
3. A guy who doesn’t seem to be interested in women, but also excluding homosexuality. They are just not the dating type.
3. A gutless wonder. 
4. The third sex. The Non-sex.

“Mike is such a Unick, he’s never dated a girl in his entire life!”


1. A male with no genetalia. Often characterized by a fondness for Oprah Winfrey.
2. A unicks genetalia can often be found in his wifes purse next to his money.

Sam waved to his woman as she drove away in his new truck. A tear rolled down his cheek as he realized he was now a unick.

1. The furthest extent of ridiculous. When something has become so absurd that there is no “dic” left in ridiculous, the absents of the genitalia in the word makes it Unick.

Blaming Obama for the current high oil prices is not just ridiculous, its down right Unick

Listen folks, I don’t make this shit up. Its on the internet!!

Some of it is BS like #4. “A gutless wonder” or ‘Non-sex’, but some of it is true, I do like Oprah. So, What am I really calling myself?

Crap, you know what is printed on my business card ?

UNique Composites

Airplane repair and custom design

I wonder if I would have made the same choice for a business name if I had known the accepted Urban usage of my name?

Nah…..probably not….

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  • By Spidey, October 9, 2012 @ 5:07 pm

    In my mind the eubonic spelling of “Eunuch” will NEVER be acceptable. The same way I’ll never accept “Nucular” for “Nuclear” . I don’t care what Eisenhower OR Bush think!

    We’re always tryin’ to dumb things down……

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