Apr 03 2013

Pool: Decking

Today was a big day for me. My arm is feeling somewhat better and I have gotten back to work on the pool. The decking has begun.

Naturally being paranoid of future wood rot, I am using Aluminum flashing to under the plastic deck boards for further protection to ensure no water contacts the wood. All the fasteners is 304 stainless steel.

I am sure this is overkill, but this is the last time I ever want to mess with the pool structure.


I spent a bit of time today making jigs to ensure all the screws and wood is perfectly straight, and figuring out how the best and most efficient way to put the deck down SO todays efforts only resulted in 3 board being installed.

Tomorrow, I am going to rock and roll on the deck and should get just about everything done. It is supposed to rain which may slow me down but should be able to get some work done.


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