Aug 08 2012

Touring San Fran and Columba, CA

Charles and I headed out early to fly the 30 min or so to


Columbia, CA (O22) so I could see what all the interest is for this little town. Don Denhard host a yearly canard canard fly-in at this airpot..


Columbia is a great little gold mining town which is now a historic part. The film industry has used this town a a backdrop for a lot of western movies.


We were fortunate to be there when a park guide was asking for anyone who wanted a guided tour of the town. Yeah, this is perfect a personal tour guide for the three of us.




Charles, Don Denhard (who lives there) and I were given our own personal historic tour by the Park Service Ranger. Even Don learned a few things…
After the tour, we all headed up to Don’s mountain top house for the lunch. It had some with stunning views of the country side.


Don took us back to the airport and it was a quick flight back to Hillview (.5 hrs),


As soon as we landed, we headed to the BART station for the ride to downtown San Fran

wpid-IMG_2765-2012-08-8-20-27.jpg wpid-IMG_2776-2012-08-8-20-27.jpg

and fishmans wharf to look around and get dinner. I love the wharf and the Embarcadero area of San Fran.



We had to stop by Scoma’s for some of the best italian food I have ever eaten (and I AM italian). It is located at Fisherman’s Wharf, and I highly recommend it. Its funny with all the great seafood here, we chose Italian.


A long walk back to the Bart station to work off the great dinner and head home to rest up for the next leg of my trip.


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