Oct 29 2009

Drip Rails part 2

Today was a fun day.  It was exciting to see how the molding that was done on the drip rail turned out.  These are some pictures of the passenger rail.  After the foam was removed it was time to get into the plane and sand/trim.

The rough shape after glassing

Trimmed and fitted to the canopy cover.

The fit from the inside.

It came out perfect. 

So easy a cave man can do it!

I hated be cramped up into the plane sanding and trimming! 

This picture is of the front drip rail.  After glassing a trough onto the canopy a few days ago, the canopy was closed and a rough glassing of the rail was done to transfer support to the fuselage.  The glassing was a bit hard to do (upside down, little space).

When the canopy was opened, the channel for the seal is perfectly fitted and transferred to the plane.  Two more layers of glass will be used to ensure good attachment to the fuselage and finally, micro will be used to dress it out with a nicer finished product.    Overall, these seals will really reduce air leaks when flying and rain when parked.  Well worth three days efforts.


Worked 6.3 hrs.

Bob stopped by to inspect the progress on the project.    Had to kick him out after a while because I was on the clock and had some glassing to do before I could quit for the night….    I sure enjoy his visits and support…


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