Jun 26 2009

Finishing the Oil Sump

Today’s efforts were totally concentrated on finishing the install of the hardware for the fuel injection system so I can send the fuel servo back to Air Flow on Monday with the order for tubing.

 I needed to mount the purge valve, the fuel totalizer (Flow Scan) and the distribution spider.  Getting the push pull cable for the purge valve was a challenge because I had to go through 3 iterations of the mounting bracket to clear everything.  I also had to weld on a support for the fuel spider on the cowl.    I am getting better at Al welding, and now I wish I had modified the cowl myself .  A lot of money was spent at the machine shop and I have the feeling they might have overcharged me. I feel bad about it now…. bummer.


The fuel distribution block support was welded on the back of the sump and is insulated with a phenloic separator.

Here some views of the sump.  I found out I can use 1/4″ SS fuel lines between the components since they are all fixed to the same mount.  It make for a nice clean install.

wpid-IMG_2752-2009-06-26-21-29.jpg   wpid-IMG_2754-2009-06-26-21-29.jpg


I was concerned about the hot sump affecting the Pmag coil which is mounted on it.  So I took some scrap phenolic material and manufactured some washers for extra insulation.

wpid-IMG_2761-2009-06-26-21-29.jpg   wpid-IMG_2762-2009-06-26-21-29.jpg

Pmag mounted on the sump.  I am beat…done for the day!




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