Nov 26 2015

Nose Inlet Construction

The inlet will consist of 3 pieces of foam cone (expanding the air at 7 deg per side) holding the pitot tube in the center. The inlet will feed a preheater for the cabin. It is an idea I captured from the Cozy Girls and wanted to make it with out the work and the pitot heat they put into their system.

Templates were glued on to some 1/4 wood, I used the band saw to cut them out and to slot them (for cutting the foam.


A foam block was cut. A rod was PUSHED through the foam, then using the rod as a guide, the two wood templates were glued onto each end of the foam,


A quick trim with the band saw,


Belt sand the cone with to the wood template,


Using the slots as a guide the remaining wood was cut which split the cone into 3 equal pieces with a hole in the center. The only issue was I should have drilled the hole instead of pushing a rod though it. The rod caused tearing of the foam at one end instead of a nice clean hole.


Lesson Learned:

Drilling hole first, THEN cut out the foam block, then mount the templates, before shaping.

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