Jan 02 2016

Air ducts

Ran into a BIG snag… my SCAT tubing (1.5”) is too big to go under my electric trim or elevator servo push rods. Shit!! I consider giving up on my idea of feeding the dash from my nose vent and just install NACA ducts on the side, but then came up with a better design. Custom made air ducts.

Actually they were very easy to make and 1/4 the weight of the scat tubing.

First transition ducts were made to covert the scat to rectangular. I calculated, a 3/4”x2” duct would have the same internal volume as my 1.5” round scat. The 3/4” height would fit nicely behind the push rods.


The transitions were floxed to the sides.


Duct tape was placed on the sides to protect the existing glass, and 2” urethane foam block was into 3/4” strips and 5 min glued to the sides.



The foam was covered with duct tape and glassed. Cleco/alignment holes prior to removal to ensure will be precisely lined up when I clean and reinstall the duct.


I tried using S glass roving on 1 BID for the glass for these ducts. The S glass did make them stronger but was a PITA to do. Next time I make a duct I think I’ll try 2 UNI at 45 dig angles. I think it would be as light and possibly stronger than what I made this time.


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