Jan 04 2016

Ducts are done

After the foam and tape was removed, the ducts were weighted and installed. Overall, they were very easy to make and will last the life of the plane. I would probably use the idea again for wire chases or more duct tubes.



The oil pump mounting location was selected and click bonds attached.


The mount for the electric belly board was installed.


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  • By Bill Allen, January 17, 2016 @ 11:40 pm

    Great progress Nick.

    I’ve done much the same things on the Ez diesel when I did a nosejob. There are so many things which I’d like to kick around with you that I should have done differently, but I always seem to be in the wrong country to do a Skype show ‘n tell.
    Is the pump intended to suck oil up to the heater in the nose? I tried this and it worked well when warm, but couldn’t suck enough in cold weather….

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