Jan 20 2010

Cylinder Baffling

Work continues on the down draft conversion.  I am making the lower part of the DD cooling system in aluminum and the curves and upper part will be glass.  I am starting to realize with the close tolerances and difficulty of working with Al, that in the future, I would probably just make the head support in Al, and all the rest in glass.  It will be interesting to see after I am done if the effort is worthe the result, and which method might be the best in the future.  I’ll be doing this all over again for my cozy 4.  I must say, it does make for a nice clean installation ….

#1 Cylinder  

#2 Cylinder 

This is the brand new lycoming flow ported, high compression cylinder from Ly-Con.  Beautiful!  Unfortunately, Ly-Con sent 0-360 cylinder NOT 0-320 cylinder.  I feel it was totally their mistake, but we compromised on the shipping….  F***   Always something isnt there!

Received the in instrument panel test panel from the fabricator.  Overall it was GREAT!  All the instruments fit as planned with just a few minor adjustment on the holes.  I cant wait to see it populated and fit into the plane.

I also made a blended winglet test model to test out a new construction method I developed.  I want to put blended winglets on the plane.  I figured out a very quick way to build them that is self jigging, self leveling and leaves no possiblity of error or misalignment.  A complete coversion should take about two weeks.   Stay tuned for further developments.

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