May 17 2010

Static Ports

Today a few parts were machined…  Pat didn’t like just a simple hole in the side of the fuselage for the canopy rotary latch.

A rod of Aluminum was machined to make a nice trim piece for the opening.  The trim is now going to CA to be engraved and anodized prior to installation.  It will make a very nice looking part.

A set of static ports were also machined.  They are threaded to allow easy removal from the fuselage. 

I  have always believed the standard method of static port installation doesn’t work correctly.  You will NEVER see a production plane with a simple hole drilled in the side of the plane.  The reason is there is no way to adjust the static pressure (to adjust the air speed indicator).    I found on my plane, the boundary layer of air creates an error in the airspeed indicator (ASI) of almost 10 knots.   I had to put a “step” (a small wedge) in front of my static port to correct my indicator.  It “trips” the air, changing the static pressure to reduce my airspeed to the correct indication.

With this plane, the static port can be removed and re-machined as necessary to correct the ASI. 

Installed on the plane.  It looks big, but it is actully only 3/4 in in dia.

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