May 27 2010

Grease car glow plug oil heater

I have a break from working on the plane for the next few days, so I started some yard work.    It is extraordinary how quickly opportunistic plants take over your yard if you dont keep up with them.   I am trying to do a little yard work each day in the mornings when it is relatively cool in Charleston.  I ended up with a HUGE pile of branches and I only cleaned a very small part of the yard.  Wow, I have a lot of bushes to clean.  All this effort makes me want to yank up everything and just have grass to mow.

I also made a few parts for the car fuel system.  The part on the  left is a glow plug oil heater.  It routes the WVO past an engine glow plug to rasie  the oil’s temperature.  There is a temperature sensing switch on the top which shuts it off at 190F.    I plan to install immediately before the injection pump to pre-heat the WVO when I initially switch from diesel to WVO.  It should reduce my warm up time before the stitch over.   The two block above the heater are failed piece.  Stupid little mistakes which which made the unusable.  The part on the right is a temperature senor which can be installed in different locations to measure and analyze fuel temperatures.

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