May 29 2010

Spoleto Market Street

The entrance to the “old slave market”, not because they sold slaves, but this part of the city used to be an old creek which was filled in to build a farmers market where the slaves could go to buy fresh vegetables. 

The cruise ship dominates the skyline at the end of the market.

Personal grip… I hate power poles.  I have written (and have had published) 3 letters to the paper about improvements in the market street.

You can see the effect I had on the higher powers of the city……

My favorite store in the market… free samples of pecan pralines at the candy store.   A small bite, just the right size.

Lunch was at Toco Boy, a great little eclectic tex-mex restaurant.  I have never been there when it has not been crowded.  Sort of a college after hours type of place. 

The trellis is made out of concrete rebar.  The creative use of materials in unusual ways is the hallmark of this restaurant.

Nice place… I’ll be back.

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