May 29 2010

Dance (review 1 of 8)

I just got back from the dance and can say it was ….most interesting…  There was 7 dancers (4 female, 3 male) a simple empty stage and for the first half, I didnt know what to make of it all.  The second half was better and I think the music was better too.  I enjoyed looking at the gal’s buns and marveling on how all the dancers moved.  Lots of fast twitch muscle’s for sure!  I couldn’t figure out what the stories or message was but it was fun to watch. 

While I was watching the dancers jerk around and move, I thought: “there’s the reason I dont date younger women, they are so spastic and move around too quickly”.   There is no way I could keep up with them.    Way too much energy! 

Give me a older gal with a walker.  Now that’s my speed!

Overall 1 thumbs up…

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