May 06 2010

Sanding again

Once again I am sanding on the plane… and I HATE it.  Boring, dusty, my fingers don’t like it but it needs to be done.  

Today, I finished the fuselage and by COB tomorrow the canard will be done which completes all the epoxy rough sanding.  The parts will be primed, block sanded, then re-primer for the trip to CA where the plane will receive the final paint job. 

The interior paint has been ordered and should arrive next Tuesday from Calif.   The interior should be painted by the end of next week.  Pat should have the instrument  panel completed  next week.    Things are starting to move along much more quickly now. 

I am getting excited about wiring because it is the wiring that gives a plane a real personality and is when it comes alive.   As important as the structure and engine are, if the wiring is well done then the plane relatively trouble free.   Over the years, most of my maintenance issues have been mechanical (engine, brakes, etc) and very little to do with wiring.  I was lucky, because at the time I knew nothing about plane wiring.    I am planing to installmy Grand Rapids HX in my plane which means I’ll have to re-wire Tweety.  I”ll be able to install a nose lift, blending winglets and correct my mediocre wiring  job, and make a bunch of improvements similar to the ones installed in Pats plane.