May 14 2010

Grease Car part 2

The car is running on waste vegetable oil (WVO) now!   Funny thing happened with I first tried the newly installed system.  I switched it on and the engined died a few seconds later in an intersection.  It took about 5 minutes of cranking to get the engine running back on diesel again.  I thought “CRAP” all that effort and the freaking system doenst work!    While driving back home with a sense of dread, I tried one last time and thought something wasnt right becuase I noticed NO difference at all between the WVO or the diesel!  There must have been some air in the system which caused the car to die, because now it works great!

I took the Sherman over to some friends house and most of us agreed the exhaust smells like steak on the grill.  It is hard to identify the odor, but is does smells good to me!

I had a slight problem with leaking anti-freeze with my installation.  I thought I had a bad heat exchanger (made in China).   Turns out the fitting were leaking.   Some teflon tape (I never like to use it) ended up fixing the leak.  I retested the core in some water under pressure to make sure all was well before the re-installation.

I had 42.1 miles on the car and the odometer stopped working….  CRAP.    The car is in the shop now which gives me a change to make a few more parts.  I have some ideas for increasing the efficiency of the WVO heating system and making an electric pre-heater for the oil.  I want to raise the temps of the WVO and reduce the time it takes for switching the engine over to WVO when the engine is cold.