Apr 03 2012

Pouring the half walls

I LOVE pouring concrete… Such a dramatic change in so little time. Plus you can shape it, tilt it and it is weather proof. I would love to have a concrete house!!! Concrete and brick are sooooo cool to work with. When the house gets done, all the trim that I have newly installed will be Hardy Plank (concrete board). No rot ever.

To finish off the 1/2 wall I started by forming up the center 1/3 of the wall and pouring it. This way I had something I could use to clamp the forms on for the succeeding pours. My pipe clamps were somewhat limited and I had to make concessions to use them.


The second pour was so quick. Just slide the form down, paint it will some more used cooking oil (release agent) and pour. Took an hour or less.


I finally figured out how to keep the concrete from oozing down onto the brick. I cut a 1/8”x 1/2” slot along the inside edge of the form and then stuffed the little slot with some 1/2” round foam I picked up from Home Depot for filling gaps for caulking walls. It formed a seal to keep the concrete contained and off the bricks. Much easier than the first attempt using cheap walk calk to fill the gaps.
cast in about a 1/4” tilt to the top of the wall so that any water that hits the flat part will be directed away from house. I wanted to keep the top flat so I could put flower planters on it, but didn’t want rain water to run onto the main part of the porch.


Main brick work and walls are finished. I really like the look. Putting up the column caps and trim will be easy and quick and will really change the look of the project.


But.. The completion of the front porch will have to wait for a bit. I have decided to attack the back of the house again to finish off the painting and roof above the pool BECAUSE I need to get the construction scaffolding out of my yard and back to the owner. It will be much easier working with his scaffold than with my ladder…