Apr 07 2012

Pool has been re-started

Today I decided to start to get the pool back into operation. We had some days already this season where the temperature got up to 91F . This is crazy hot for this time of year. …foretelling the summer?

I had taken the cover off all winter to allow it to dry so I could upgrade it. It had deteriorated over the years, developed a set and the insolation was water logged.


I wrapped it in plastic, tilted it so the sun would heat it up and forced air into the bag to hold it open. Sort of like a solar collector of heat to back out the water.


It has worked great and the cover now weighs MUCH less due to the release of all the water that was in the foam. Tony is going to come over in a few weeks and we are going to reglass it.

The pool was a nice green color when I started treating it. A buddy (expert engineer in water systems) taught me a great trick to start the pool out for a season. Shock the heck out of the water to kill everything in the water, the use flocculate (a alumn clarifier) to gather up all the particles in the pool which then settle to the bottom at which time you vacuum out the crud. You are left with nice clear water….


Guess what, that is EXACTLY what your local water treatment company does for the water you drink everyday. Sand filter your river water, floc it, let it settle and ship it off to you to use. This is the next day. It will settle for 48 hrs and I vacuum out the crud.


Next the back of the house work!