Nov 09 2015

De-wiring the plane.

The start of the day was spent just removing panels and misc parts from the plane. I guess I was a bit reluctant to just dive in to de-wiring…

A relatively nice, but dated panel to start with. Everything is working fine.


Not to bad an job considering I had no idea of how to wire a plane 17 years ago….


Well…. this is how it looked at the end of the day. What a mess! I am DEFINITELY grounded. now. I cut out a big chunk of the instrument panel to gain easier access to the wiring.


It is amazing how much wire I have in the plane. I would have easily finished de-wired it in a few hours if I just cut and hacked it all out, but I need to save some of the circuits as I’ll be using some of them in the future.


Tomorrow I’ll have everything removed and start stripping the interior.