Dec 03 2015

Giving my plane a Nose Ring

One issue that has been dogging me is the inlet for the nose. I been trying to figure out an EZ to put a radius on the inlet for better airflow. Finally today I got the idea while in my Think Tank (my pool).

I am not a big fan of nose rings on humans, but decided, Tweety needs a nose ring.

The solution for my inlet is to create a ring for the nose which will slip over the existing inlet tube. The interference fit will allow me to flox it into place. The radius will be formed and glassed. When installed the tube walls will project out the end of the ring which I can then sand away. I will not have to do any complex glassing. Additionally, the ring will allow skin to be bonded to the ring really strong nose termination point. It will save me a bunch of time trying to form and glass a ring using foam.

I glued together a stack of trash 1/4 in luan plywood I was ready to throw away. A rough ring was cut a ring in the bandsaw,


40 minutes on the lath to shape the ring, The inlet tube is shaped at 7 deg and the ring inlet is cut at 10 deg. I will get exactly the 1.75” opening I was hoping for and allow for a nice interference fit.


Shaping the ring would had been faster if I could have found my freaking wood turning tools I used to use when turning spindles and bowls on wood lathe I sold. If I can’t find them, I’ll just go to Harbor Crap (harbor freight) and buy a cheap set. I may start turning more parts like this in wood or foam on the lathe.


20 minutes to glass


Boom, a nose ring in 1:40 minutes flat. Weight 2 oz.

Yuk, more sanding on the nose.