Oct 07 2010

The engine looks like an engine!

Here is a quick update

The panel is now in Montana being lettered.   The initial pictures sent me by Aerotronics  showed the lettering was not put on straight.  It was a bit skewed.  A quick call to the company and they are redoing it again.  This is certainly the panel from HELL!!  It is cursed!  I’ll be afraid to to touch it when I finally get it back as some of the luck of the ??? might rub off.

The engine is mostly put together.  Intake, exhaust, alternator, fuel injeciton are all done.   The downdraft cooling system has not been competely installed as I need to put some fuel in the plane and purge the lines prior to buttoning it up. 

I have run the power lines to the alternator and starter.  All the rest of the wires are temporarily mounted to test wire runs.

The final step on the engine to find a home for the oil cooler and fuel injection air intakes .  I have found a good spot to build inlet plenums and should only take a few days to complete.  The bad news is I have to use some SCAT tubing (yuck) on one air intake the good news is when done I can finally get to the wiring!  Cant wait.