Sep 17 2020

Handy Wire Marker

I am in the middle of wiring the com system on the cozy and thought I would share a easy to make wire marker. It is big help when using all white wire such as the shield wire which comes in white, white or white..


It was made from a piece of scrap delron I had in the bin. This tool is similar to the one sold on line but is DIY: Bogert Aviation

Just machine a large hole in the center of the round stock for the marker, and drill a smaller hole to allow the tip of the marker to extend into the wire area.


Then machine a cross slot for the wire to ride in and your done.

Use a standard marker in your selected color. The tip of the marker will contact the white wire sliding in the slot and leave a nice stripe on it.


The stripe is a big help when using shielded wire which is always white.

Here you can see the green and red stripes on my com wires.