Mar 02 2021

Downloading Seattle Avionics Maps with an Apple computer

I am an Apple computer user. If you wish to use the Seattle Avionics maps for your GRT or Dynon system your faced with a problem. The ChartData program ONLY works with a Windows computer. The Seattle Avionics suggested technique for downloading to an Apple computer is IMHO totally unworkable.

For the last few years I have been using an old windows laptop which always given me problems using the ChartData program. Partial downloads, corrupted files, inability to download to two USB sticks at the same time.

Out of frustration, I first decided to buy a new (cheap) windows laptop for the sole purpose of downloading maps. Then I remembered there is a program called Parallels which allows the user to load Windows on the Apple computer and operate in a virtual environment.

I downloaded Parallels (free trial) which included Windows on my Apple computers (both a Mac and Apple Air laptop) for testing and finally the ChartData program and within minutes began downloading the Dynon chart data without a bit of problem. The first time ever that I had no issues with the downloads.

I would suggest if you wish to download ChartData Maps for your EFIS on a Apple computer then Parallels for the Mac (cost me $49) is a perfect alternative to using a Windows computer to download your maps.