Jun 02 2010

Spoleto (4 of 8)

The cello performance was “Block Ice & Propane” by Erik Friedlander at the Memminger Auditorium at 7 pm.     I was busy in the shop, mixed up my arrival time so I arrived 45 minutes late for my usher obligation.   Fortunately I arrived in time to meet the coordinator before he left and get acounted for as “late” instead of a “no show” (a black mark on my record). 

The artist was most interesting because while he occasionally used his bow on the cello, he mainly plucked it which made the instrument sound like a guitar.  Very interesting.  The performance and cop0ositions were woven around stories of his youth in a multimedia memoir of Friedlander family road trips complete with campers, tourist traps, truck stops, and visits to kooky relatives. 

It was most enjoyable.