Jun 03 2010

Oil collection

I am presently taking a break from working on the plane so I had an opportunity to get a few projects done around the house.   I wanted to improve my cooking oil system to simply the off loading, filtering and pumping into the car.    Traveling up to Summerville to pick up some more cooking oil, I met Gerheart (a buddy from church) who is my “source”.  Gerheart is also burning cooking oil in his Mercedes car and while closely following him to his shop I  was almost overwhelmed by the strong smell of fryer grease.  I had to back off a 100 ft or so from the car for some fresh air.


He has a small storage/processing  system set up in a storage building facility he owns.  It is a kluge of hoses, pumps, filters and drums, what a nightmare.   As an engineer this system would drive me crazy.  I am sure all this  just evolved over time and while it works,  the system can certainly be improved and simplified.  Using plastic hoses and moving pump hoses between containers just doesn’t cut it with me.     We are planning to collaborate (which probably means, he buys and I do the work) on improving the collection / filtration / storage process as to make it easier on both of us.  Once the improvements are completed, it should make the processing of oil very easy and quick.

The bootie….60 gal of cooking oil.  Now I have to filter it at home…